Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Triathlon Training and Race

Hi K&K readers!  This is a non-food related post today, but it's also a post that may explain why the blog has taken a bit of a backseat this summer.

Over the weekend, I competed in my first triathlon ever! It was an amazing experience and I had so much fun.  The crazy part is that I think I am hooked on triathlon now!

I think that I've mentioned before that I had always wanted to do a triathlon, and pretty much ever since I retired from swimming about 7 years ago, I kept telling myself and others that I really wanted to try it. Well, it took me 7 years to put those words into action and actually train.


At the start of my training, I attended a triathlon clinic and I highly recommend trying to find one if you want to get into the sport.  We learned all the nuts and bolts of race day, went over training plans, and did drills for each sport.

I followed a training plan, where I ran, biked, and swam twice a week each.  One day was a tempo workout (building up speed toward race pace) and one day was a long, easy workout.  I kept my schedule pretty flexible so that I could do what felt best that day. I took one day off a week.  After a summer of training alone, I'm definitely ready to start training with other people!

Learning to bike with clipless pedals was quite an experience, though not nearly as scary as I had built it up to be in my mind.  I went out on the grass at first and fell a few times while trying to clip in and out.  Note to self: clip out before the bike comes to a stop.  After gaining some confidence and going out on the road, I only fell once and luckily a nice lady with a first aid kit in her car saw it happen! Haha. It is amazing how at ease I feel on my bike now.  It is still definitely where I have the most room for improvement, but I am excited to see my progress from May until now.

Loving swimming again and learning that I really like running were pleasant surprises that resulted from my training as well.  I realized that I thought I hated running, but what I really hated was running on the treadmill.  Ottawa has tons of gorgeous trails and having nice scenery to look at really helped on those long runs!

I have mentioned Tone It Up a few times, and the really fun thing was that Karena, one of the trainers, put together a triathlon training program for the TIU community! Karena was a serious triathlete and after seeing the TIU check-ins, she decided to get back into racing herself.  It was a great resource to have and of course the TIU community has been so supportive!

Race Day!

The day of the race was so much fun.  All the nerves, excitement and adrenaline that I used to get before big
swim meets came back to me.  My race, the Sprint Triathlon, was later in the morning, so I had a chance to watch some of the other athletes compete in the Olympic Triathlon and the Duathlon.  My race was a blast.  It was so fun to get out and compete and put my body to the test.  I felt like my training paid off and I was really happy with my results. I placed 2nd in my age group and 7th overall for women.  And as a former swimmer, I am happy to report that I was the first woman out of the water!! Woo!

The best part of the day was having two friends with me!  They both decided that they would compete as well and both did really well!! I think they are both hooked on the sport now too, so I am super excited to have some training partners!

Also, if you've ever thought about doing a triathlon, do it! There were people of all levels of fitness and experience at the race.  It was such a fun atmosphere, with everyone cheering for each other, and excited for each other. Why not try it?

Next Steps

The next step for me and my training partners is to find some more athletes to train with.  I am going to join a local triathlon club this fall in order to have some people to swim with and to work on my cycling.  Come January, we will switch over to training for spring and summer races.  We will also do some strength training this fall and winter. I really like the results that I have been getting from barre and will continue that, but may also add some CrossFit into the mix. You can bet that I will be keeping myself fueled up as well, so don't worry about this blog.  We will have plenty of delicious, healthy recipes coming your way!!

Thanks for following along!

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  1. What an amazing accomplishment, congratulations!


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