Friday, June 28, 2013

My Transformation with Vemma, Chris Powell, and Tone It Up!

Left: January 2013, Middle: end of April 2013, Right: mid-June 2013

I wanted to share a little story with you all today!  I realize that this is a food blog, but I wanted to share this for two reasons: 1) because I am so excited about all of this and 2) to help explain why K&K Test Kitchen will be continuing to transform into a more clean eating oriented blog.

How many of you watch Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition with Chris Powell on ABC??  The transformations on the show are some of the most incredible and inspiring stories.

What if I told you that Chris Powell is the face of Vemma's Bode line of products, because he helped develop them, loves them, uses them himself and with all of his clients... including those people that you see on the show?

Well, I need to thank Chris and Vemma for helping with my own transformation!

That picture on the left up there was from the beginning of January 2013.  I took it the night before I started drinking the Vemma Bode Meal Replacement shake daily for breakfast.  The picture in the middle is from the end of April 2013.  The only change that I made in my life between January and the end of April was the shake.  Check out those abs!!!

Drinking the shake was a super easy way to help me ensure that I was getting enough protein in my diet and it helped me start my day out right.  It also happens to come in two amazing, delicious flavors, so I felt like I was having a treat for breakfast.  At the time, I told you all that I was going to start carb cycling as well, but to be honest, I didn't actually do that until more recently.
The picture on the far right was from the end of the Tone It Up Bikini Series.  During the Bikini Series, I added cardio and started to follow a lean, clean, green diet that had elements of carb cycling to it (the diet approach that is part of the Vemma Bode plan), while continuing to drink the Bode shakes daily. I also make sure that I'm drinking half my body weight in water each day (recommended by both Chris and Karena and Katrina).  The Tone It Up community has also given my a huge boost of inspiration, motivation, and accountability.  The women involved in TIU are some of the most amazing women around, which makes the whole thing a lot of fun!

Now, I have all the elements in place to build lean muscle, boost my cardiovascular endurance, fuel my body with nutritious and delicious food, and be ready to kick butt on my first triathlon at the end of August.  Not to mention, I will be rocking that hot pink bikini all summer long!!

**If you would like more information about the shake and the other Bode products, feel free to send us an email: kandktestkitchen at gmail.**

Also, note that I still enjoy some of the foods that I love, that aren't necessarily lean, clean, and green, but in moderation. Balance is key! If you get invited to a birthday party, you say yes to that piece of cake.  Besides, I'm pretty sure cake is good for the soul and remember that red wine is good for the heart. xo


  1. Wow so proud of you and especially proud that you are training for the triathlon! You are focusing on goals and achieving them...that is my Bella!

  2. You are so, so inspiring, Kelsey!! I actually saw the Vemma body shake in the market the other made me think of all your awesome photos and rave reviews on IG! I'm pumped to give it a try!!


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