Thursday, February 21, 2013

Beauty Essentials

Beauty Essentials

Okay, so this isn't a post about food.  I wanted to share something a little bit different with you all an we'll get back to food shortly, I promise!  But for now, here are a few of the beauty products that I can't live without.  Do you have any tried and true products?  Please share!


Nars Blush in Orgasm:  This is the most perfect blush.  It gives your cheeks the perfect peachy-pink flush, with a bit of shimmer.  After hearing about it for years, I finally took the plunge toward the end of last summer, and I won't go back. 

Stila Eye shadow in Kitten:  I wear this everyday. It is shimmery and brightens my eyes.  I have deep set eyes, so I need to highlight them and this eyeshadow is perfect for that. I dress it up with a little bit of eyeliner for nighttime. I also really like Bobbi Brown's eye shadow palettes.

Benefit "They're Real!" Mascara:  I received a sample of this mascara and I was blown away by it.  It is truly a "va-va-voom" mascara, almost giving my eyelashes the appearance of being fake.  It is definitely the best mascara that I've tried, and I have tried everything from drugstore brands to Chanel.  I wear this for night and wear Cover Girl Lashblast in Brown during the day.

Maybelline Baby Lips:  I am a lip balm / lip gloss / lipstick junkie.  Seriously.  Lip stuff and nail polish are my two weaknesses, and I often don't leave the drugstore without a new lip product or nail polish.  Anyways, Maybelline Baby Lips is my favorite everyday lip balm/gloss.  It is really hydrating and also shiny, so in my mind it does double duty.  I usually go for Quenched, but I also have the Cherry Me color, which leaves my lips with a nice pinky-red color.  And it has SPF 20!  So important!


I've had problems with my skin for ages.  Breakouts, blackheads, redness, etc.  I've tried the dermatologist prescribed products route and I've tried the be gentle and don't do anything to it route and everything in between.  I've finally found some products that are working for me.

Murad Time Release Acne Cleanser:  Okay, so feel free to make fun of me.  I found out about this cleanser while reading an interview the Possessionista did with Emily Maynard.  Emily mentioned the problems that she experienced with her skin and they sounded so much like my experience, so I went out and bought this cleanser. So far, I really like it, but again it is tough to find in Canada. 

Derma E Tea Tree and Vitamin E Oil:  (not pictured) This is a miracle worker.  I've had problems with my skin forever, and I've finally found something that seems to work.  About a month ago, I bought this oil and immediately noticed a difference.  My skin was smoother, the redness was significantly reduced, and my breakouts less frequent.  Tea Tree oil is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal so it helps keep everything clear.  Vitamin E soothes the skin and heals scarring.  Plus the oil is moisturizing, so often I don't have to use face lotion.  I started using Derma E's Vitamin E cream too and I really like that as well for when my skin is really dry though (which is the case now given the winter wind that whips my skin on my walk to work.. whoa alliteration). I've seen Derma E products at Rexall in Canada, though I bought this at Terra 20


Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask:  I read a post by the Pioneer Woman about this hair mask and Ree definitely sold me.  I went out and bought it in December, because I knew I had 3 weeks to go until my hair appointment scheduled for while I was home for Christmas.  At that point, I desperately needed a cut (and color) and my hair was looking rough, to say the least.  After using this mask only twice, I went to a Christmas party and was asked my someone if I had just had a haircut.  It was that good.  It smoothed out my split ends and made my hair silky and shiny.  I still use it about once a week to repair the damage caused by blow drying and curling my hair. (Also at $50 it may seem a bit steep, but I still have half a tub left after using over 10 times.)

Suave Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo:  This is by far my favorite dry shampoo.  I've tried maybe 4 other brands, including much more expensive brands, and this one works the best for me.  It smells good and does what it is supposed to -- give my hair tons of body.  Plus it is only $3.49 a bottle!  Unfortunately, I can't find it here in Ottawa, so I have to stock up when I hit Target down in the U.S.

None of these companies know me or asked me to do this, I just like these things and wanted to share them with you!

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