Friday, September 14, 2012

Pauline's Dilled Potato Salad

Happy Friday to all of our K and K followers!  As you know, Kelsey has shamed me into picking up the slack while she is enjoying a college friend's wedding in the Hamptons this weekend.  It is really time that you heard from the older K as I really have not done my part on the blog.  My summer has been crazy as our house sold in July and we (Kel's dad and I) have enjoyed the freedom while traveling in our RV and visit with family and friends. It has been an incredible time but I am so ready to move into our new home and have a real kitchen again.  Only two more weeks until we can settle into a routine again! A big sigh to that thought!

The summer is coming to a close next week but the temperatures in the Washington D.C. are still in the 80s!  Being a west coast gal, this weather still signifies summer fare to me so I thought I would share a new recipe I got while traveling.  One of my favorite side dishes for summertime is potato salad and I have never had a “go to” recipe for it.  But this summer, during the annual family outing to Fort Flagler for camping and crabbing, I was given the recipe to an old family recipe for an easy and delicious potato salad.  The recipe was given to me by Pauline Pittman (an adopted grandmother to Kelsey and part of our extended family) and it came from her mother, Edith Ambers so that makes this recipe at least 80 years old.  Needless to say, it is tried and true and the simplicity appealed to the large crowd that gathered for our crab feast on the beaches of the Admiralty Inlet.  

I thought I would share some of the pictures from this year's trip also.  This year we caught 56 Dungeness crabs over a five day period that was open for crabbing.  Our catch went from trap, to cleaning, and into the pot within 1/2 hour of pulling the crab pots.  It made for some amazing eating for sure.  We had fresh crab, crab cakes, Crab Louie Salad, and crab cocktails and still had enough left over that my sister and I made 88 crab cakes to freeze!  We used the crab cake recipe but tweaked it by using Panko bread crumbs to dip into before frying the cakes.  This change from flour to Panko added a delicious crusted finish to the crab cakes.  

So enjoy the last full weekend of summer and make this potato salad to close it out with one more picnic or barbecue!  Thanks for following with Kelsey and I and our adventures in cooking! 

Pauline's Dilled Potato Salad

Recipe of Pauline Pittman from her mother Edith Ambers who was a great cook and a great lady!

5 or 6 medium red potatoes
1 medium yellow onion, chopped
2 dill pickles, chopped
2 hard boiled eggs, chopped
1 cup (approximately) Nalley Light salad dressing or your favorite mayonnaise
Generous sprinkling of dried dill
Salt and pepper to taste

Boil potatoes until cook but not felling apart.  Peel and chop boiled potatoes while still warm.  Add all of the chopped ingredients along with the dressing, dill and season to taste with salt and pepper.  Chill before eating! 


  1. sounds like a delicious potato salad! yum!

  2. I love dill but haven't used it in a potato salad. Have a great week.

    PS I know you have probably been busy. Just a wee reminder that it would be great if you followed Carole's Chatter back. Cheers

  3. Great pictures! Hopefully I can make it to Fort Flagler next year!


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