Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Update: Moscow Mule

Whoo, this week has flown by and I am so happy about it!! We are heading into Labor Day weekend, and I have so much fun ahead of me.  Let's get through the rest of the week and get to the party!  Here's a little update about what's been happening, in and outside of the kitchen at K&K Test Kitchen.

1)  Last weekend, I went to the beach on a beautiful lake in Gatineau Park.  It was a perfect day for the beach, gorgeous weather and nice clear water for swimming.

2)  I also started reading my book club choice, Wild by Cheryl Strayed.  It is great so far - beautifully written, so inspiring and so raw with emotion.  I was glad that the girls were still swimming since I was crying during the first few chapters.

3) There is a new-ish restaurant in Ottawa - Union 613 - and I'm officially obsessed with it!! I also have tons of ideas for things that I want to try to make now.  We had fried green tomatoes with pimiento cheese (to DIE for!), fried okra with spicy buttermilk dipping sauce, and boiled peanuts to start.  I had the chipotle-coffee rubbed brisket with salsa verde, and for sides we had:  roasted garlic and cheddar grits, cornbread with bourbon brown butter, cumin roasted carrot salad with pepitas, and citrusy green beans.  Everything was amazing.  The service was incredible.  And I had a delicious bourbon tasting too!  Will be back, especially for the pimiento grilled cheese on their late night menu!!

4) Saturday Sunday we are going to the New York State Fair!!! I'm so excited for fried food, carnival rides, and the livestock shows.

5) If you are a teacher or have kids heading back to school and you'd like to learn more about Vemma let me know.  It will help boost your (or your kids) immune system and energy levels, to protect against all the back-to-school germs!  I personally haven't been sick since I started taking it last October!

5) Here's a quick little recipe for what seems to be quite a popular cocktail these days.  Let's get your Labor Day weekend started right, with a Moscow Mule!  It's refreshing and has a bit of a gingery kick to it from the ginger beer (which isn't actually beer and isn't ginger ale).

Moscow Mule Recipe

Moscow Mule

From Esquire Magazine

1 ounce vodka
Juice from half a lime
4-6 ounces Ginger Beer

Squeeze lime juice into a glass (collins, rocks, or if you have it a copper mug).  Drop the shell of the squeezed lime into the glass.  Add a handful of ice to the glass.  Measure out an ounce of vodka, pour it over the ice, then fill the glass with ginger beer.

Pictures at the top: Book club book at the beach, the beach at Lac la Peche, first signs of fall include pumpkin muffins, and Just Bitten Kissable in Honey from Revlon (we finally got this in Canada and it's my new fave!).


  1. I had no idea that Moscow Mules are so simple to make!
    Definitely giving this a try;)

    Lulu x

  2. Moscow Mule will be better with a traditional Moscow Mule Copper Mug


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