Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Street Slaw

jamie oliver street slaw

Whew, so I've been super busy lately!  We went to an amazing wedding over the weekend, everything was so perfect and beautiful.  The food was all delicious.  And we got to see lots of great friends and had a wonderful time!  But, I definitely didn't have any time to cook you anything.  So, I dug into the archives and realized that I hadn't posted the "street slaw" that I made for my 24x24 party.  This slaw is awesome, especially the next day, so definitely let it marinate a bit before serving it. It would be perfect for a summer BBQ since it doesn't have mayo like a regular slaw or great on top of tacos.  The crazy thing about this salad is that I typically hate cilantro, but this salad is jam packed with cilantro and I was quite happy about it.

I'll be heading to California on Saturday with my mom, to visit old friends and celebrate mom's birthday!  Even though I used to live in the Bay area, I could use suggestions on food / drinks / places to visit in or around San Fran, San Jose, and maybe even Napa!

And we will also have a few fabulous guest posts coming up soon, with the first one on Friday!  Our friend Chelsea has some seriously mouthwatering recipes to share with you!

To get the recipe for the street slaw, visit Jamie Oliver's website or pick up a copy of Jamie Oliver's "America" cookbook (which is an amazing cookbook).


  1. Hi!
    I love this salad!
    I posted about it on my blog back in january, have a peek if you want :)

  2. Oh my gosh this is a truly stunning slaw. It's so pretty.


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