Friday, June 22, 2012

Iced Coffee

cold brewed iced coffee recipe

If you are anything like me you need a little jolt of caffeine in the mornings, maybe it's coffee, maybe it's iced tea (I'm looking at you Mom), maybe its a Diet Coke or Pepsi.  Pick your adventure.  I certainly love my coffee.

Oddly enough, I made it through university and almost through my Masters before I got hooked on coffee. But now, it's two cups a day for me - one first thing and then one around 10:30.  I usually make the first batch at home, and I drink it with just a bit of skim milk.

But with the weather turning to summer big time here, the thought of sipping a steaming, hot mug of coffee in the morning is not appealing in the least!  I mean it's been 90 degrees here all week and I don't have AC!  So, I decided to cold brew some coffee so that I could make myself iced coffees in the morning.  And boy am I glad that I did!

The cold brew makes the coffee smoother than it would be if you brewed it in a coffee pot, and it keeps for up to 2 weeks in the fridge.  The process is a little bit time consuming, so I just did this over the weekend.

Iced Coffee

From Two Tarts

1-1/2 cups ground coffee beans (I used Colombian Fair Trade, others suggest French, Italian, Espresso - just pick your favorite)
6 cups water*

In a large jug, stir together the ground coffee and water.  Cover the jug and let it sit, either on the counter or in the refrigerator for 12-24 hours.  After the time has elapsed, strain out the coffee grounds.  I found that the easiest way was to initially strain the coffee through a fine mesh sieve, then to put a coffee filter in my coffee maker and pour the liquid into the filter directly (I have a traditional coffee maker).  This took a bit of time, but it got all of the grounds out.  You could also strain using a French press.

Serve this with ice, then do what you'd normally do with your coffee.  If you like your's black, I suggest diluting this with a bit of water.  If you take milk, you can skip the water.

*This makes quite a lot of coffee.  Since, apparently, it keeps for up to 2 weeks in the fridge, I decided to just go for it and make a big batch.  You could try 1 cup coffee / 4 cups water for a bit less.


  1. I love coffee, but it's a little too hot outside for hot coffee. This post couldn't have come at a better time. Thanks for sharing!


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