Friday, December 30, 2011

Looking forward to 2012! (And back at 2011)

I will be back to regular posts next year!  Hehe, I mean that I will have a regular post for you on Monday!

Now, let's reflect on 2011.  It was a wonderful year, but it definitely had its highs and lows.  I've continued to learn so much about cooking, to try new foods, and to grow as a blogger.  K&K Test Kitchen is a labour of love and something that I do for myself, but it has made me so happy to see that others are interested in what we do here as well.  Without you, I may have quit long ago, so thank you so much for your support.

In 2012, the blog will continue to change.  Hopefully the biggest change will be an improvement in my photography.  I finally started to focus on learning about my camera, which is about time since I got it in April!  I read "Plate to Pixel" on the plane to Seattle and I'm going to really try to put things into practice.  I will also share what I learn with my mom, K, so she is more confident with her food photography.

There will also be two new types of posts on the blog.  First, N and I have committed to doing a vegetarian meal at least once a week, so I will be participating in "Meatless Monday" (starting Jan. 3!).  Second, since I am learning my way around the kitchen and trying to teach myself, I thought we could learn some new things together.  We'll start with some of the basics, like making homemade stock for soups.  In order to share these lessons, there will be more photos and even some videos!!  I'm so excited to share these things with you!

For me personally, aside from the blog, I'm making a commitment to healthy living.  I was doing pretty well running and staying active in the fall, but I turned into a lazy bones in November and December.  Back in the day, I was a swimmer and it was really easy for me to get my workouts in because "I had to."  Practice everyday, plus scary coaches meant that I never had to think about working out.  Over the years, I haven't quite gotten into my groove in terms of learning how to workout on my own.  So I'm putting this out in the universe - in 2012, I will run a half marathon and do a "try" triathalon.  Do you have any goals for 2012??

Thank you so much for your continued support and have a wonderful new year! XO
Finally, let's look back at the recipes of 2011!

The Far and Away Most Popular Recipe:  Strawberry Lemonade Bar

strawberry lemonade bars recipe

Kelsey's Favorite Recipes
Herbed Turkey Burgers

herbed turkey burgers recipe

Sun-dried Tomato, Corn, and Bacon Pasta

sun-dried tomato, corn, and bacon pasta recipe

And for dessert, Haystacks

peanut butter chocolate cornflake haystacks recipe

(Kim and Nigel will hopefully get back to me with their favorites too!)


  1. Meatless meals are one of my resolutions too! Looking forward to your back to basics posts! Congrats on your success in 2011!

  2. Happy Happy New Year! I know things will get back on track for you come January! I cannot wait to see what comes out of the kitchen in 2012.

  3. Yay! Happy New Year! I got Plate to Pixel for my birthday and as soon as we get settled into the new house I full intend to brush up my photog skills as well. I think that's just about every food-blogger's worry spot. Good luck!


  4. please edit this post and include this recipe that i got from your blog b/c i love it!!

    so happy to have found your blog & looking forward to trying out more from here. many thanks and happy new year.


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