Friday, December 23, 2011

Flank Steak

flank steak with blue cheese butter recipe

One of the lovely things about coming home for the holidays is that we get to see lots of family and friends from the West Coast.  Last night, our family friends came down to visit and brought all the fixings for a delicious dinner!  Gaye was gracious enough to share the recipe for the amazing flank steak that she made and the delicious salad we had too. - Kels


Fantastic time visiting with K&K (and T&T).   In appreciation, here is my treasured Flank Steak recipe:

Flank Steak:  Score in diamond pattern on both sides, place in lg. zip lock baggie
Italian Dressing:   Dump 1/2 bottle of Italian Dressing in bag with Steak.   Refrigerate overnight!

Mix 1 part blue cheese with 2 parts Butter into spreading consistency

Drain Flank Steak, grill on BBQ.   Immediately spread entire Flank Steak with generous layer of Blue Cheese Butter.   Let sit 3-4 minutes.  Slice thinly on angles.

Serve extra blue cheese butter on the side.  

Even folks that don't think they like Blue Cheese LOVE THIS


  1. Thank you for sharing Gaye!! This flank steak is seriously awesome!

  2. I have flank steak in the fridge waiting to be made into this beautiful Thai Beef Salad but now all I want to do is turn into this yummy goodness!

  3. WOW. That photo is enough to make my mouth water. I love flank steak and have actually never prepared it!


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