Monday, November 21, 2011

Boston: Sweet Cheeks 'Q

The email from Tasting Table came at the perfect time.  Just a few days before my trip to Boston, and Tasting Table was highlighting new, notable Boston restaurants.  A friend had mentioned it and I was glad she did, because I might have left the email unopened for a few days and missed out on eating some of the best BBQ of my life.  That BBQ was from Sweet Cheeks Q, which happens to be a 4-minute walk from my friend's apartment in Boston.  The mention of Sweet Cheeks in the Tasting Table article and a quick visit to the website sold me on going there to eat during my trip, and I am so glad that I got the chance to do so!  The pulled pork that I had was so tasty that I ate half of it without even putting any of the house BBQ, house hot sauce, or house Carolina vinegar on it.  Then of course, I proceeded to try each of the sauces.  All delicious!  My favourite part of the meal though was the black eyed peas.  Now, I normally associate black eyed peas with the torture of having to eat a few bites on New Year's Day as part of our family tradition.  I always gagged down a few bites to make sure I wasn't the only one missing out on "health, wealth, and happiness" in our family and I even tried to make my own last year.  But the black eyed peas at Sweet Cheeks were out of this world delicious!  (I am ready to call up Guy Fieri and request that Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives goes to Sweet Cheeks so that he can get the recipe out of Tiffani Faison and her team.)  Sweet Cheeks also has a fantastic American beer menu.  It all made for a memorable meal!

Pictures from top left: My pulled pork platter at Sweet Cheeks, the Back Bay Fens, Lagunitas Czech Style Pils and a Ball jar, and Fenway Park

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