Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap

A few days ago I signed up for an awesome food blogger event - the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap!!  It was organized by one of my favourite bloggers Love & Olive Oil and another fabulous, new-to-me blogger The Little Kitchen.  The basic idea is that each blogger that signs up receives the names and addresses of three other food bloggers.  Then, we all send a dozen cookies to our three bloggers and we all receive three boxes of homemade cookies in the mail.  Finally, on December 12th, we will all post the recipes for the cookies on our blogs.  If you see me on December 13th and I can't fit into any of my clothes, you will know why.

So far, almost 300 food bloggers from around the world have signed up.  There is still time to get in on this yummy action - the deadline to sign up is November 15th.

Now, I need to figure out what kind of cookies to bake!  Don't forget to come back on December 12th to see what I decided to make!


  1. Oh this is fun!
    What a pity I´m across the atlantic, in Spain. I´d love to participate.

  2. Marialuisa - it is possible that there are other bloggers from Spain participating. I know they started to add countries to the list, because there was high demand from other places. Maybe email Lindsay from Love & Olive Oil to ask if there are other Spanish bloggers participating?


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