Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sun-dried Tomato, Corn, and Bacon Pasta

sundried tomato bacon corn pasta recipe

We recently had summer in baked good form (see Strawberry Lemonade Bars).  Now, I'm serving you up summer in pasta form.  Not only does this pasta dish not require turning on the stove for hours to make sauce, but it incorporates lovely summer flavours - fresh sweet corn and basil - with creamy, melty mozzerella, crispy bacon, and a super easy sun-dried tomato "sauce."  The sun-dried tomato sauce was adapted from The Italian Dish.  We seriously loved this pasta.  The flavours were so fresh and worked together really well.  I will turn back to this dish time and again, and I highly recommend that you give it a try too!

Sun-dried Tomato, Corn, and Bacon Pasta
Serves 6

1 lb. gemelli (or corkscrew shaped pasta)
6 strips bacon
3 ears of corn
1 jar sun-dried tomatoes, with oil (about 8 oz.)
1 clove garlic, crushed and minced
3 tablespoons parmesan cheese
1/2 cup fresh mozzarella, diced
10 basil leaves

Place bacon strips on a large skillet, place the skillet on the stovetop, and then turn the heat on medium-high. Cook the bacon until it starts to crisp up and then flip to cook the other side.  Remove the bacon and place it on a paper towel lined plate. Break the bacon into bite sized pieces once it cools slightly.

When the bacon is about half-cooked, boil water in a medium-large pot.  Once the water comes to a boil, add your pasta and cook until it is just al dente.

While the bacon cooks and the water boils, cut the corn off the cob and prepare the sun-dried tomato sauce.  Roughly chop the sun-dried tomatoes, then add the tomatoes and the oil from the jar to the bowl of a food processor.  Add the garlic and parmesan cheese and then process the ingredients until the tomatoes are finely chopped.

After the bacon has cooked, add the corn to the bacon grease and cook for about 3-4 minutes, just enough to lightly cook the corn.

When the pasta has finished cooking, drain it, then add it to the skillet with the corn.  Add the bacon and the sun-dried tomato sauce and stir well to coat the pasta with sauce.  Finally, add some diced fresh mozzerella and fresh basil.

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