Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fraser Cafe

Fraser Cafe
In January, my mom and I went to the Fraser Cafe in Ottawa. I had read a review of Fraser Cafe in the in-flight magazine on Porter Air. The restaurant is run by the Fraser brothers, who are also chefs. They have a seasonally influenced menu, with 5 appetizers and 5 entrées each season. The most interesting thing about Fraser Cafe is the "Chef's Special".  There is a "Chef's Special" listed for both entrées and appetizers. When we quizzed the bartender (we sat at the bar to watch the hockey game), he told us that the "Chef's Special" could be anything and that a table of 6 could receive 6 different dishes. The restaurant has a lot of regular customers, so in order to keep things interesting, the chefs go to the market every day and pick out whatever is fresh. You won't get something that is already on the menu and you can say for example, "I don't like shellfish, mushrooms, etc."

My mom and I both ordered the Chef's Special. She had homemade pasta with lobster in a white wine/butter sauce with tomatoes, red peppers, and artichokes.  I had pork tenderloin with white bean puree, pickled beets, and grilled endive. Both dishes were delicious. The chef came over to talk to us about our food and admitted to my mom that she could freely season her lobster as he had forgotten to salt and pepper the lobster.

Fraser Cafe will definitely be one of my regular places to eat in Ottawa. It has a great ambiance and delicious food. I plan to order the Chef's Special again, the surprise is always guaranteed to be a good one!

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